Now Samwer brothers look set to clone Square

Vaya, parece que veremos pronto en Europa los cobros desde el móivil vía tarjeta de crédto..


German clone factory Rocket Internet, the incubator run by the controversy-courting Samwer brothers, has reportedly chosen its next target: Square.

According to Deutsche Startups, the Samwers are working on launching a new service called Zenpay which will be a copy of the hot Silicon Valley payment service.

According to information from the Rocket clone is named Zenpay, of which there are yet to see anything yet. Worldwide, the incubator is currently registered but the corresponding domains of the Square copy.

Details are scant, but senior names at Rocket Internet have registered a number of domains, including,, and more. In some cases the domains were bought over a year ago, but there appears to have been a recent flurry of activity.

They do not appear to own the .com or versions, however, though Rocket companies often operate under different names in different territories.

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